Recycled Material Used For Eezee Build Affordable Low Cost Housing

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Eezee Build, a division of Eezee Holdings, utilizes patented technology to recycle various wastes into a unique material in the construction of our affordable low cost home. These waste materials include old used petrol-chemical, dirty, toxic liquids converted into a fine powder type substance. Old printer cartridges are converted to a sand type substance. Waste granulated plastic.

Waste polystyrene ground up into minute particles and mixed with the mentioned substances to provide a strong product with excellent thermal and sound proofing qualities which is used in the construction of our Eezee Build homes. This same material is perfectly suitable for producing cost effective construction panels and slabs. This process is well suited for “Technology Transfers” and the allocation of agencies, or franchise opportunities.

About Us

EEZEE build existed from Eezee waste, which is a specialized waste recycling Company. Eezee Build uses waste material obtained from Eezee Waste for building projects.


We Offer A Complete Turn-Key Waste Mangement Solution

From your collection of waste until the finalized product is delivered (whether it’s your home, bricks, panels, or your complete pothole solution, we will be there each step of the way. 

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Our Aim

The aim that sets us apart from our contemporaries is our passion and enthusiasm to identify opportunities to reduce waste pollution and provide environmental leadership to promote public well fair through innovative and responsible strategies leading to the management of all possible waste that leads to a society generating minimal waste. 

Our mission is to reduce reliance on landfills by waste reduction, re-use and recycling programs such as the Eezee Build project.  Eezee Build will ensure sustainable products like houses, bricks, panels, walls, and even an eco-friendly pothole solution.

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